Traditional Archery

For traditional bows, we mean Longbows and short, powerful recurves, otherwise called hunting bows.

These kind of bows are usually made of wood, and they allow anyone to rediscover archery in it’s most ancient and pure form. Of course all kinds of technical aiming and stabilization devices are banned, nor are allowed any kind of cams to modify the traction as in compound bows.

Traditional bows are most often used for instinctive shooting, which is done with a very characteristic equipment and a really fascinating shooting and aiming technique, especially for those who feel attracted by simple and natural things. The traditional archery finds its most appropriate application at events and competitions organized through numerous companies spread all over the world, with great satisfaction of all the participants.

The philosophy of our sport is based on rediscovering the most natural techniques that have been developed thanks to its practical use of the bow throughout the entire history of humanity.

In traditional archery competitions, the competitive spirit is just the background for a really fun sport. The shooting conditions are anything but monotonous: moving targets, flying disks, targets are always at unknown distances, time trial shots, and more to develop the skill and imagination of each archer.

To conclude, this shooting practice has been critical to humans for more than twenty thousand years and has undoubtedly left something in the depths of us: it will be a fascinating adventure to rediscover it, and we are committed to helping you in your journey.