…Yes, I think that beauty makes us fall in love with objects we use and helps us to use them better.

When the harmony of the shapes appears on materials of intimate value, technology is “cradled” at its best, shooting a bow becomes a unique experience to enjoi in it’s full spectrum

My dream

After 52 year shooting and 35 years selling the best bows to the best customers, I finally decided to put my unique experience into a new bow to build a concentrate of excellence, beauty, performances and bow making techniques and the best materials with no compromises as in my best dreams. I have finally realized my dream

This bow will be made by my personal hands and it represents my last professional enterprise. I have worked full time for the last 5 years towards arranging, tuning, testing and organizing this production and I’m now proposing this new bow line to the word.

My bow and its unique features

This is my Traditional Recurve Bow

The general design of the riser comes from the PICCHIO, a traditional recurve bow which I have been selling for over 25 years, it is the result of the work of a professional designer. Its design has been revised and improved in elegance for the new Picchio Testarossa.

Apart from that, the new bow is completely different in structure, materials and construction techniques:

The Limbs can be made with transparent fiberglass over yew or lime burl, otherwise they can also be made with carbon fiber. The energetic yield of the limbs is exactly the same.

The tips have a peculiar design to provide the best durability with the lighter weight possible, this provides more arrowspeed and less vibrations. There are two carbon fiber reinforcements, one in between wood laminations and one under the natural horn. This allows the use of any kind of string and arrow weigth.

The junction between limbs and riser is standard, this allows the total interchangeability of any pair of limbs with any riser. It is very comfortable if you decide to change limbs or riser in the future.

The joint area of the limbs is reinforced with a double carbon lamination to provide the best resistance on the screw area. The screws are 6mm and you can used both with or without washers.

The riser is made of two parts of customizable solid fine hardwood and is stabilized by the insertion of weights (up to 0.8Kg or 1.7 lb) at the ends to balance its weight and provide a great shooting stability and lower vibrations. The stabilizing effect is extremely different from having a heavier riser because the weights are positioned where they are most effective. Nothing can be seen from the outside. This also removes the need for heavy washers making the bow more pleasing to the eye.

The arrow shelf rest is designed to ensure a perfect arrow exit and it provides a better arrow flight than any arrow rest.

The grip is very confortable and narrow between the fingers.

The wood of the riser is stabilized by full immersion in epoxy, a high vacuum pump takes all of the air out of the fibers of the wood and replaces it with epoxy so deep into the wood that it makes the wood very resistant to any cracks. The riser is then refinished and painted with 3 coats of urethane satin finish.

Let the bow choose you …