Filippo Donadoni

I was born in Bergamo in 1962, and I started archery at five years old when archery was in its first years, and the few clubs were only interested in Olympic Archery shooting.

In my city, there was the first group of pioneers of instinctive shooting headed by Giusi Pesenti, a name destined to become a myth in the history of Italian traditional archery, and I am fortunate to be his cousin; thanks to him, my passion for instinctive shooting found the proper ground to develop.

Giusi, in 1958, conceived THE ROVING which can still be considered the point of origin and reference for TRADITIONAL ARCHERY in Italy.

I started competing in 1973, and ten years later, the Italian traditional archery association, FIARC was born; I have been vice president for a few years.

I started bow hunting in Colorado in 1981 and went back several times for work. I was lucky enough to obtain permits for selective hunting in the Alpine territory of my city and I think I was the first to legally capture a chamois with a bow (at least in the last three centuries). I won my first IFAA Bowhunter World Championship in the recurve class in 1989 and several other competitions in the following years. After meeting some bowyers during my hunting trips to America I started organizing the import of their bows. In 1989 I opened my archery shop, the first one in Europe entirely dedicated to traditional archery and I started to scour the world by visiting hundreds of manufacturers to find the best material to import.

My TRADITIONAL ARCHERY SHOP is still active and serves many enthusiasts across Europe both directly and through mail order. My job is to find the best products from all over the world and select them for those who share my passion, and I love it !!

My medals in IFAA competitions:
– 1985 Italian FIARC = SECOND Recurve
– 1986 Italian FIARC = THIRD Recurve – 1987 Italian FIARC = THIRD Recurve
– 1987 European Field in Germany = SECOND Ric.
– 1988 European Bowhunter in france = THIRD Ric.
– 1989 Italian FIARC = FIRST Recurve
– 1989 World Bowhunter in Bormio = FIRST Ric.
– 1990 Italian FIARC = FIRST Recurve – 1990 European BH in England = FIRST Ric.
– 1991 European Field in France = SECOND Ric.
– 1992 Italian FIARC = FIRST Recurve

– 1992 European Bowhunter in Dahn Germany = FIRST Recurve Hunter
– 1993 World Bowhunter in Niagara Falls Canada = FIRST Recurve Hunter
– 1993 European Bowhunter in Blair Athol, Scotland = FIRST Recurve Hunter
– 1994 Italian FIARC = SECOND Longbow
– 1994 European Bowhunter in Coimbra Portugal = THIRD Longbow
– 1995 Italian FIARC = FIRST Longbow
– 1995 World BH in Australia = FIRST Longbow
– 1995 European Bowhunter a Asiago Italy = THIRD Longbow
– 1996 – 2002 break for the birth of two children
– 1997 European Bowhunter in Terminillo Italy = FIRST Longbow
– 2003 Italian FIARC = SECOND Recurve
– 2003 World Cup Bowhunter in Presolana Italy = THIRD Recurve
– 2004 European Bowhunter in Pfannerhalm Austria = SECOND Recurve
– 2005 European Bowhunter in Bagno di Romagna Italy = SECOND Recurve

– 2006 – 2015 Marriage, 2 children, Divorce
– 2016 Italian FIARC in Parma = Secondo Ricurvo
– 2017 IFAA World Championships in Florence = & nbsp; Second Ricurvo
– 2017 Italians Fiarc in Schilpario = & nbsp ; Third Recurve