The screws of a Take Down bow have a dual function: to ensure the limb-riser conjunction as their main function but also to add some weight, wich is very useful to stabilize the bow. This is why Take Down bows have always been preferred by the most “accurate” archers and the screws used are always a little oversized, sometimes even 10mm.

The washers are usually placed under the screw to further increase weight and to better distribute the pressure on the fiberglass to prevent it from cracking.

All this adds a “disturbing” aesthetic element to which we have slowly become accustomed to but which remains a bit “annoying”.

On the Picchio Testarossa I have greatly reinforced the area around the screws with carbon fiber and inserted a stabilizing weight behind the screw inserts. This makes it possible to use smaller screws without the need for washers. The screws used are 6mm and can be used directly on the limb with a simple thin plastic washer that cannot be seen under the screw.

Of course, for those who have gotten used to use washers it is possible to use screws, always 6mm, combined with a classic washer.