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itemprice TAX FREEprice WITH TAX
entire bow840,00€1024,00€
included woods: Shedua, Bubinga,
Zebrawood, Purple, Wenge, Rosewood, Yew.
woods x half riser: India Rosewood, Santos50,00€61,00€
woods x half riser: Corazon Negro, Bocote, Ziricote.70,00€85,00€
woods x half riserr: Ebano, E. Makassar, Cocobolo.130,00€158,00€
stabilizing weight add +400g80,00€97,00€
stabilizing weight add +650g130,00€158,00€
stabilizing weight add +900g150,00€183,00€

Each pair of limbs includes two 8125 strings and each riser includes: M6 screws, 4mm Allen key, installed shelf rest and bowcase.