Italian design

The shape of the riser of the Testarossa is the result of the work of a professional designer,Nicola Novelletto I met when I was a model maker in the studioPasqui e Pasini in Milan where we worked on the design of objects of various kinds of all the largest Italian companies.

Nicola Novelletto designer

Nicola studied in Rome but lives and works in Milan, the world capital of Design, where he also taught at the Polytechnic,

I didn’t struggle to get Nicola passionate about archery and convince him to design a new riser for my bow. The result is truly original and elegant (not an easy task for such an object). The taste of Italian design is appreciated worldwide and not by chance …

The lines of this riser are unique and unmistakable and already count a “clumsy” copy attempt from a well-known German company. As they say … Beware of imitations!

I have always been convinced that the aesthetics of an object is really useful to use it better. When we are fascinated by the beauty of an object we have in our hands, we fall in love with it, and the way we use it changes for the better.