The harmguard

Elegant armguard made with laminated natural wood with a thin layer of fiberglass glued together by epoxy resin and hand finished to ensure the maximum durability. It has a curved shape and adapts very well to the arm. 2,5mm thick amd 16cm long. It’s finished with a satinated varnish that ensures resistence to umidity while mantaining the beauty of the wood. Adjustable elastic buckle ensures ease of use.

The armguard is an indispensable object for every archer, a proper shooting position should bring the string in contact with the arm once it’s released. A thin armguard is a must to protect the arm and keep your sleeve out of the trajectory of the string. A rigid armguard like this one avoids the string from slowing down and makes for a clean shot without losing speed.

Having a handmade armguard with fine natural wood, perhaps the same wood as the one on your bow, helps you soot better? I don’t know… But it surely doesn’t help not having one.