Before you purchase

Risers and limbs are sold separately and their compatibility is guaranteed by the use of high precision CNC machinery. This is a big advantage when you may, in the future, decide to change limbs or riser; each riser is compatible with other limbs without having to return the riser to adapt the new limbs.

The riser is available in two lenghts and the limbs in three:

  • Riser 430mm ( around 17 inches ) for a total lenght of either 58″ wit SHORT limbs or 60″ with MEDIUM limbs.
  • Riser 500mm ( around 19,5 inches ) for a total lenght of 60″ with SHORT limbs or 62″ with LONG limbs.


  • You can have a 58″ bow with a 430mm riser and SHORT limbs 58″/60″,
  • You can have a 60″ bow, both with a 430mm riser and MEDIUM 60″/62″ limbs and with a 500mm riser and SHORT 58″/60″ limbs (which is even more stable).
  • You can have a 64″ with a 500mm riser and LONG 64″ limbs.

By purchasing a riser and a pair of limbs you will have a complete bow, ready to shoot, including: Shelf rest installed, screws and Allen key, 2 8125 strings with nock and silencers installed and the bowcase.

Stabilizing weight is added behind the screw inserts in the optimal position to stabilize the shot. Choose 0 to have no weight added to the natural weight of the wood or the required weight if you like to have it inside, nothing can be seen from outside.

Here you can get an idea of the final weight.

You can chose the woods you prefer for your riser, please consider that WOOD 1 is the piece where you mount your limbs and WOOD 2 is the piece where you place your hand. Some woods have 0 cost because they are included in the price of the riser, others have added cost but they are all technically the same and don’t change the functioning of the bow.

Here you can see the different woods and their characteristics.

Here you can get a general idea of the prices.

Here you can see some pictures of risers in various combinations.

The riser can be configured by chosing RISER CUSTOM (the current build time is around 4 months but it can vary). You can also chose from the ready risers for it to be shipped sooner. The prices between the two are equal.

You can play around with the cart modifying your order as you wish to verify the final prices, only in the end if you will chose to do so you will be able to confirm the order and proceed with the payment; otherwise there is no problem, we thank you for your attention.