The Limbs

The Recurve Limbs of the Testarossa bow are designed to be lightweight, strong, and beautiful. Everything goes into energy transferred to the arrow for greater speed, fewer vibrations, and pure pleasure while using them.

I produce them with Yew wood (the classic standard since the bows have existed) or in Linden Root, which has an entirely innovative aesthetic aspect but the same mechanical performance. Other woods can, of course, be considered.

The available lengths are:

– 58″ to fit on shorter 430mm risers for AMO draw length up to 28″.

– 60/62″, which makes a 60″ bow on 430mm risers and a 62″ on 500mm risers. 60“ is perfect around 28″ AMO draw length and 62″ for 29″.

– 64″ fits on 500mm risers for 30″ or more AMO draw length.

The alignment holes and the lateral surfaces are ground with high precision to guarantee a perfect mechanical and aesthetic alignment. This ensures the possibility of being able to interchange them in the future with any Testarossa riser or to adapt to the same riser any new shape and material of limbs that I will be able to invent.