Stabilizing weight

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Stabilizing weight to be inserted at riser top e bottom

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This is a weighting operation of the area of the inserts at the edge of the riser. The stabilizing effect is better than simply with a heavier riser as the mass away from the center is what stabilizes. In addition, the weights above and below are different to rebalance the normal imbalance due to the higher mass in the lower part of the riser.

You have 3 different weighting ranges at different prices. If none are ordered, the riser will be left at its natural weight. The stabilization is not visible and cannot be inserted or modified when the riser is finished.

Table of the weights reached by the riser in the various woods with the various stabilizations. To these weights must be added about 330g for the pair of limbs.


RISER EMPTY W. W+400g W+650g W+900g
light woods 400g 800g 1050g 1300g
medium w. woods 550g 950g 1200g 1450g
heavy woods 700g 1100g 1350g 1600g

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0, +400g, +650g, +900g